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Technology Providers

A unique opportunity for technology providers to shape the future of the luxury industries.

Technology Providers

What is the luxury transparency index?

This Public-Private-Partnership initiative aims to measure how effectively luxury brands use technological means to increase transparency and traceability in ways that create stakeholder value and influences their perception of luxury brands.

How can technology providers benefit?

By signing-up to our platform, technology providers are invited to share information on the B2B traceability technologies on offer to support the luxury industries goals towards providing enhanced transparency to their consumers. Technology providers can showcase the impact of their solutions as well as share how technology has supported the transparency goals of the luxury industries.

How do technology providers sign-up?

Simply click on the SIGN UP button and follow the instructions. Technology Providers' support in this academic-led project will help shape the future of transparency within the luxury industries and beyond.

Pioneering Transparency Through Technology in the Luxury Sector

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